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"Everyone dies, but not everyone lives" - Sachs

What's your adventure?


In 2001, I left corporate employment and set-up BlueDucks Limited.


I'm told that its logo, a blue rubber duck (a wonderful creation by Rocca Creative), describes me perfectly: there's an air of familiarity and comfort about what I do and how I do it, but it's just that little bit different.

Don't ask me what, or why, but that's what clients and previous managers used to say to me. That's why the strapline for my change management work is 'Maybe it is time for something a little different...'

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Fundraising fun

I always promised that when BlueDucks was launched, I would share my good luck and hard-earned rewards with people and organisations that needed and welcomed a little bit of extra support. At first, that was sharing a percentage of profits with good causes and worthy individuals, but after 7 years, I realised just writing a cheque wasn't enough. I needed to push myself, mentally and physically, to achieve things I never expected to be able to.

In 2010, Involve Adventures was born and, since then, the adventures have raised over £127 000 (net) for charity. To find out a little more and to see some of the adventures I undertook, just click on the button below.

The author

Back in the late 1990's, a story popped into my head as I walked my children to their primary school. At the time, it was a broad idea and a few of the key moments and characters stayed in my imagination until 2019. That's when I felt confident and patient enough to try to get the jumbled ideas out of my head, and onto paper. 


It took 18 months but, in September 2020, my book was published. Now I'm looking forward to writing another 4 books. A new chapter begins... literally.

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As BlueDucks - “Geoff has a wealth of experience, built up over time, with a range of organisations and this shines through in all aspects of his work. A pleasure to work with and the amount of repeat business he generates speaks volumes about his professional, passionate approach"

PMO Deputy Director at HMRC. Formerly Portfolio Control at Co-op Bank, and CEO at the Co-operative Credit Union.

Linda Edwards

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